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It's the most important meal of the day, give yourself the best start with these Shrewsbury breakfast spots.

Breakfast at Cote Brasserie

Breakfast at Côte Brasserie

Traditional Independent Breakfasts

The nation’s favourite breakfast is still ‘The Full English’. You can find a different take on the traditional cooked breakfast at hotels, restaurants, cafes and coffee shops in almost every one of Shrewsbury’s winding streets. Go on, treat yourself!​

Light Bites & Breakfast-to-go - Independents

Stop for a light tasty meal to start the day or grab breakfast on the go. Shrewsbury’s restaurants, tearooms, cafes and sandwich bars have a huge variety of light bites available. 

Light Bites & Breakfast-to-go - National Favourites

High street name coffee houses, sandwich bars and cafes offer a broad selection of speedy breakfast snacks.  

Cool Breakfasts

Breakfast is the new eating out experience. Thanks to its fashionable cafes and upmarket coffee shops, Shrewsbury is the perfect place to indulge in a slice of breakfast culture.

Health-conscious breakfasts

Discover super healthy breakfasts at some of the most creative cafes and restaurants in town.