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The Colonel’s Son Coffee Roastery

3 Meadow Place


A Shrewbury Original since

The Colonel's Son is the aspiration and creation of entrepreneur Patch Moody. After a decade of dealings in the beer and wine trade, he wanted to focus on another holy fluid of the A year in Berlin and Melbourne soaking up the advanced independent coffee culture, he decided to bring the knowledge back home. What started out with 'beans for family and friends' has now grown to become a thriving business. Pretty darn cool.

Here at The Colonel's Son HQ, we want to do our bit to help save the planet. It's a small start but with the growth of biodegradable products and a new awareness of planet welfare, we are aiming big! Thus our coffee bags are 100% oxo-degradable, labels are a sugarcane byproduct and the postage packaging is 100% recyclable & carbon negative.

We roast tasty single origin beans from all over the world with new beans arriving every week. We've also opened an awesome micro coffee shop/roastery in Shrewsbury so be sure to check out out updates on socials. You can pick up freshly roasted coffee here to take home and grab a tasty espresso beverage at the same time!! Win win! 

Hopefully, the love and knowledge we have put into sourcing and roasting our coffee beans can be tasted in every sip.

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